training for minnesota firearms instructors and citizens.

Presentation by attorney Jim Fleming will be held on Sunday, October 4 2020 (8:30 am to 5 pm) in Monticello, MN 55362

This class was originally developed and offered exclusively to and specifically for self-defense firearms trainers. We have now opened the course to anyone interested in understanding Minnesota Gun Law as it relates to self-defense with a firearm. It is presented by a highly experienced self-defense attorney, who is also a former police officer, and a very experienced firearms self-defense trainer. It is designed to provide you, as the trainer, with an understanding and appreciation for self-defense legal issues that commonly crop up in the aftermath of a self-defense encounter. It will allow you to accurately and confidently incorporate self-defense legal theory and practices into your student training curriculum. From  the legal justification for the use of deadly force, through dealing  with responding law enforcement, handing attempts at interrogation, and  working with your lawyer in the criminal and civil process, this course  provides insight into questions self-defense trainers constantly confront.


There’s a lot of firearms self-defense misinformation out there including different answers to the s

How do you know what to believe? How do you filter through differing opinions and develop a true understanding about Minnesota gun law and use of deadly force? Are you seeking the right answers to self-defense questions you constantly see answered in different ways by different people? Get the answers from an attorney who has a legal viewpoint. Understand why an attorney’s answer to these questions have impact on a self-defense case.

– Why is saying too much on the 911 call or making statements to police when they arrive at the scene a bad thing? Will it hurt your self-defense case? You may have been told you need to point out physical evidence or witnesses at the scene. Find out what the answers are from an attorney who understands how these types of statements could damage your self-defense case.

– Is deadly force justified if you witness someone stealing your car, snowmobile, lawnmower or bicycle from an attached garage? What if the theft occurs outside in your yard? What if someone is inside your home stealing your flat screen TV? Does it make any difference where the stealing of property occurs?

– When you travel and have to sleep in a tent, motorhome, hotel or even at a friend or family member’s home, are these places considered “dwellings” for you at the time?  Would the same rules for defense of dwelling apply in any of these places like it would in your own home?

–  If a citizen who can legally carry were to engage an active shooter and accidentally hit or kill a bystander in the crowd is that citizen criminally liable for the incident?  Could they also be civilly liable? How so?

– If an intruder inside one's home is attempting to shoot the pet dog that is barking at them, is lethal force justified by the homeowner? Why? If a person is trespassing in someone's yard and they are witness to them hurting or killing their pet dog can the use of deadly force be justified? 

These are just a few examples of commonly asked questions firearms trainers receive from students on a regular basis. When asked, every scenario always has the answer of “it depends” for an attorney because of the circumstances involved.

Are you confident that you understand how Minnesota gun laws apply to use of deadly force? You can educate yourself on Minnesota gun law by signing up for this course presented by attorney Jim Fleming who is also a Minnesota Certified Firearms Instructor. You’ll have a better understanding as to why the above scenarios may or may not be a good or bad use of deadly force from a legal perspective. Once you understand Minnesota gun law you too, will be answering these questions in different ways. Don’t miss this educational opportunity to learn more about how Minnesota gun laws apply to use of deadly force.


Here's an example of the practical realities of the legal justice system and use of deadly force:

Imagine that while walking out to your car in the driveway at night, suddenly you confront an individual in dark clothing attempting to force entry to your car. Realizing he has been discovered, he raises a screw driver and rushes at you growling. You pull your firearm and fire four rounds into the center of his body. He drops to the ground, squealing with pain. You keep him covered while dialing 911 on your phone and advise the dispatcher that officers and medical personnel are needed at your location.


You have done everything possible to ensure that your use of deadly force was justified under the circumstances.  Does this guarantee that you will not be charged with a crime, or possibly end up the defendant in a civil law suit? No, it does not.

Why take this training course on Minnesota Gun Law Education?

  • When you understand the practical realities of the criminal justice system it will be a lot easier for you to discern realities from myths when when you hear or read “something different” by someone who did not understand the legal truths involved.

  • If you are a firearms trainer, It will help you understand the difference between giving legal instruction and legal advice when you talk to your students about justified use of deadly force. Where else can you get this kind of training? You should receive this information from a qualified practicing attorney.

  • With this course you will have received educational instruction from an attorney who understands firearm laws, and from someone who has actually represented clients in self-defense shooting cases as a Minnesota criminal defense attorney. In addition, Jim Fleming has also served as a consultant to other attorneys across the country in firearms related cases or served as their expert witness at trial. Who better to receive instruction from then a Minnesota attorney who has the experience doing all of these things on a regular basis? 

Comments from others about training with jim fleming

If you are a firearms instructor, people are going to die over what you teach. Even if they don't, everything about a person's gun use is a felony—unless they acted within the legal bounds of self-defense and can prove it.  As a teacher you have the obligation to do everything in your power, not to just keep your students alive, but out of prison. That brings us to Jim Fleming. as a trainer. He isn't just a lawyer, as an ex-LEO he also has extensive experience with both violence and the legal system. His teaching isn't just about the laws your students must stay within. But what they're going to encounter in the legal system if they use what you're teaching them. Firearms training is a competitive field; one where any extra knowledge can attract more students. Jim's training is such an advantage over and above keeping your students out of prison.

– Marc MacYoung

Marc is an internationally renowned personal safety instructor, and the author of several books on the subject. He is considered one of the pioneers of "reality based self-defense." His training involves teaching people how criminals think and behave so they can be safe from crime and violence.

Jim Fleming's knowledge and wealth of experience provides a comprehensive class covering the Aftermath subject matter. This course is a must for all armed citizens but especially for trainers who will be instructing others. His classes are well run, fun and interesting. I highly recommend his training.

– Shawn Steiner, Steiner Academy of Firearms Training,

Master Firearms Instructor


Practicing Minnesota Attorney, Author, Speaker and Certified Firearms Instructor

Very  few attorneys in the country are uniquely equipped to accurately  address so many of these issues and questions related to use of deadly  force. Jim Fleming is a self-defense attorney at Fleming Law Offices,  P.A. with over 35 years of trial experience.  He has worked as a  self-defense trainer across the United States. Jim has served as an  expert witness for other attorneys in over a dozen self- defense cases  across the country.  He has worked with nationally known experts from  across the county in the development of this curriculum. He has  co-presented educational training with nationally known speakers including Massad Ayoob, Dr. Alexis Artwohl, Dr. William Aprill and Marc MacYoung to name a few. Jim  Fleming also serves as an affiliate attorney and advisory board member for Armed Citizens Self-Defense Network, and affiliate attorney for USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) and for CCW Safe. He has written several articles for Concealed Carry magazine and is the author of two books and co-author of a third.

Why  should you take this course from him?  We know of no other practicing  Minnesota attorney who is also a certified firearms trainer at his own  company Mid-Minnesota Self-Defense Inc.  and former police officer. He has a broad base of career backgrounds.  It's not easy to find a knowledgeable firearms instructor who has  educated themselves so thoroughly on Minnesota gun law. Now, here's an opportunity to  set yourself apart form the rest by educating yourself with training  from attorney Jim Fleming. We are not here to tell you how to train, we  are here to help you understand how to incorporate legal issues and the practical realities of the criminal justice system into  your self-defense firearms training so it can be an added value to your  own course offerings.

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Are you a firearms instructor? Are you a citizen looking to understand how Minnesota Gun law could a

With a law office located in Monticello, MN 55362 Jim Fleming is known as one of the few attorneys in  the state of Minnesota that has the experience for practicing law in the areas of firearms restoration and permit to carry or permit to purchase denial challenges. You may want your firearms students to have a good resource for contacting a qualified Minnesota attorney who understand firearms law. Upon request we can provide you with several of our law office business cards to hand out. Additionally, if a student needs assistance, please have them contact Fleming Law Offices to request a free consultation by calling 763-291-4011.